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Leave the Phone Alone  - Transport Canada wants you to stop with all the texting and driving!!!!!!!! The campaign is called "Leave the Phone Alone". Learn more here! Sign their pledge and read the information.

Remembrance of Road Crash Victims - The National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims in Canada is a day set aside to remember those killed or seriously injured on Canadian roads, often in avoidable collisions, and those left to deal with the sudden and unexpected loss of people they love.

For the latest on child car safety, public notices and research reports, visit the Transport Canada website.

Think you are the only person out there having a hard time installing car seats? A story of interest....CLICK HERE

Before attending a clinic, visit this website for great tips on installing your car seat.  It is our policy that you MUST ATTEMPT to install the car seat before attending a clinic.  Making an attempt at installation can teach you a lot, and makes it easier for our technicians to educate you further! 

This link from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's website will help you choose an appropriate car seat for your child and may answer other questions too.

Tips for buying and installing a car seat on this website with comments from Barb Baines.

Since we live in the north and winter is cold here, be sure to read up on Snowsuits and Car Seat Safety!!

The following links are from Transport Canadas program Car Time which includes fact sheets on stages one through four, taking your child from an infant seat all the way through to a seat belt.

Stage One - Rear Facing Infant Seat
Stage Two - Forward Facing Child Seat
Stage Three - Booster Seat
Stage Four - Seat Belt

Safe Kids Canada is an excellent resource filled with Canadian content, as is the Canadian Paediatric Society website. 

The Canada Safety Council site has car seat information if you are interested.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just done some great Booster Seat Testing (Warning, Opens .pdf file) and Babycenter helps to break down the Canadian laws so they're easy to understand!

Is your car seat passed its useful life date?  Click here to find out.

Interested in finding out more information about the CPSAC Childrens Restraint Training Course that we offer? Click here


Live Outside of Ontario?   Here are some groups from other places that might be able to help you!

Newfoundland - Kids in Safe Seats

Nova Scotia - Child Safety Link

Saskatchewan - SGI Car Seat Clinic Listing (and Technician Search)

BC Traffic Foundation - Updates this page frequently with a ,pdf file of upcoming clinics for that province



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